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Level’d Construction and Landscaping is a hardworking and straightforward company located in Wimberley, Texas. Simply put, we make your landscape, ranch, and building dreams a reality! If you’re looking for a professional company that offers Construction, Excavating, Landscaping, or Land Management, then you came to the right website! Level’d Construction and Landscaping is owned and operated by Jarret New. Jarret and several members of his crew grew up in Wimberley and graduated from Wimberley High School. That’s local help you can trust and depend on!


Years Of Experience


Services: Landscaping Design, Hardscape Installs, Gardens, Patios, Pergolas

The landscaping services you can get from our team will bring beauty to your houses exterior. We know how much a good-looking front and back yard matters to the people of Wimberley and Texas. For instance, our team offers landscaping designs that can include beautiful gardens, trees, hardscapes, patios, pergolas, and other unique features. If you can dream it, then we can build it for you! Usually, we have to trim or remove trees to install our landscaping designs. Wimberley and Central Texas is overgrown with cedar trees that can be terrible for your allergies. In place of those trees, we can build you a custom hardscape such as a walkway, deck, gazebo, or barbecue. There are so many ways to use hardscape elements to customize and enhance your property!


Completed Site Work Projects


site work contractor leveld construction in wimberley, texas

Site Work Services: Excavation, Slabs, Driveways and Flatwork, Private Roads, Septic Installs, Underground Utilities: electrical, water, and sewer

Construction site work includes the scope of work related to the exterior or construction site of a building or project. This also includes grading, excavation, site utilities, driveway builds, concrete work, tree removal, and landscaping. Above all, you can feel confident that your building or project will have a strong foundation by working with our team. We are happy to be your site work contractor in Wimberley or Central Texas.

Land Management and Ranch Work

Land Management and Ranch work is what Jarret and his team grew up doing all across Texas but mainly in Wimberley. This kind of work includes the construction of private roads, driveways, horse arenas/pads, barns/pads, and building fences. Most of the time, clearing trees and excavating dirt or rocks are needed to complete these builds. It’s a good thing that our team has expert knowledge and experience when it comes to land management, construction and landscaping. Not to mention, the structurally sound roads and driveways built the past 10 years are why we have repeat customers. Plus, our team has been professionally building arenas and barns for five years now.

Construction and Landscaping Popular Services

We certainly want to make your dream landscape and builds come to life! Below are some of the popular services that we offer. Please call us to start planning your project today! If you need Excavating, Land Management, Construction and Landscaping, then give us a call today! We have 10 years of experience making customers unquestionably happy. Above all, we can make your dream come true with any custom build. You can feel confident knowing that your construction and landscaping project will look better than you imagined.


Site Work


Ranch & Farm Construction


Private Roads & Driveways


Septic & Underground Utilities